Our mission is to be a bridge between the modern world and ancient wisdom. We create one-of-a-kind 100% handwoven baby alpaca capes/ponchos and healing tools (shakers, hapé applicators, etc.) while providing economic opportunity and support to native Peruvian communities.

Our Story

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Moon Rising was born in the Sacred Valley of Peru out of love and service. What started out as an initiative to raise money to bring relief to different indigenous communities in need, grew into a much larger and sustainable and long-lasting co-creation: The Q'ori T'ikas Weaving Collective — a collective of women who have come together to create the magic we are weaving for you. In Quechua “Q'ori T'ikas” translates as “Golden Flowers”, because this co-creation was a golden flower that grew and bloomed from the dark soils of the quarantine.⁣⁣

⁣⁣We strongly believe that economic empowerment is the most important factor in achieving equality in today’s modern world, and our mission is to create economic opportunities for those who need it most. Maestro Eusebio, the leader of Pacchanta where our weavers are from, traveled around to all of the neighboring villages in Ausangate and hand-selected 15 women with the greatest financial need to be a part of this collective. Most of the women have multiple children, many without husbands, and the quarantine added intense financial strain with the closing of the borders and no income flow coming from tourists. We respectfully compensate for their artistry, by asking them to set their prices, and then offering them 200-300% more.


Our capes are all one-of-a-kind & made of 100% ethically-sourced baby alpaca wool. ⁣“Ethically-sourced” means that zero alpacas were harmed in the process. Alpacas live in some of the coldest regions of the Andes mountains, and we source our fur exclusively from babies that die naturally from exposure to the harshness of the elements or during childbirth.⁣⁣


Capes Released


Peruvian Families Employed


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