Our mission is to be a bridge between the modern world and ancient wisdom. We create one-of-a-kind 100% handwoven baby alpaca capes & ponchos while providing economic opportunity and support to native Peruvian communities. 

Our Story

In the heart of the Sacred Valley of Peru, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 lockdown, the seeds of Moon Rising were sown. What began as an initiative to provide relief and support to native Peruvian communities in need grew into a transformative and sustainable co-creation. The Q'ori T'ikas Weaving Collective emerged as a collective of talented women, weaving the magic of their ancient traditions into the fabric of Moon Rising. The name "Q'ori T'ikas" translates to "Golden Flowers" in Quechua, symbolizing the radiant bloom that arose from the darkness of the quarantine.

Moon Rising is more than a brand—it is a bridge between the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and the contemporary world. Guided by a deep belief in women’s economic empowerment, Moon Rising partners hand in hand with women from the Quechua communities of Peru, weaving together a tapestry that connects heritage and modern fashion. The artisans, carefully selected for their incredible talent and financial need, are at the heart of our brand's mission. They bring to life our one-of-a-kind, handwoven baby alpaca capes and ponchos that showcase their exceptional craft and weave their blessings and the stories of their vibrant culture into each piece.

Committed to ethical business practices and sustainable sourcing, Moon Rising weaves a narrative of integrity and respect within every thread. Each cape tells a story of heritage, craft, and conscious living, inspiring you to adorn yourself with beauty that goes beyond fast fashion and creates a lasting legacy of heritage, tradition & women’s economic empowerment around the globe.


Our capes are all one-of-a-kind & made of 100% ethically-sourced baby alpaca wool. ⁣“Ethically-sourced” means that zero alpacas were harmed in the process. Alpacas live in some of the coldest regions of the Andes mountains, and we source our fur exclusively from babies that die naturally from exposure to the harshness of the elements or during childbirth.⁣⁣

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    Capes Released

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    Peruvian Families Employed

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