How do I clean my cape?

Alpaca wool is one of the most luxurious fibers in the world, but it is also delicate. Treat your Moon Rising cape with loving care, and your garment will reflect it.

✨ Dry clean only
✨ Avoid excess friction / rubbing onto the fibers (like wearing a backpack)
✨ Use dog brush to *gently* make long strokes along the fur to keep it fluffy but avoid brushing in a way that could pull out the fur
✨ Avoid getting wet, but in the chance that it does you can blow dry gently to keep the fur fluffy
✨ If fur starts to look flat, you can lightly mist with water as well before blow drying. 

      Are the capes made with real fur?

      Alpacas live in some of the coldest regions of the Andes mountains, and we source our fur trim exclusively from those that pass naturally from exposure to the elements or come stillborn at childbirth.⁣⁣ This way, we are giving new life to something that would ordinarily be considered waste and turning it into a piece of wearable art.

      Do you offer international shipping?

      We ship internationally via DHL Express.

      Do you offer payment plans?

      Yes! Simply select Shop Pay as the payment method at checkout.

      How long does shipping take?

      All capes listed on the website are at our design studio in Dallas ready to be shipped out, so the shipping time depends on the method of shipping selected at checkout.

      Do you take custom orders?

      We do! For custom order requests please send an email to connect@moon-rising.co. Please expect ~4 months for delivery as slow fashion takes time and we want your piece to be absolutely perfect.

      How much do you compensate the artisans?

      So far since we have launched we have given $200,000+ USD back to the communities that we are partnered with which is roughly ~33% of our total business revenue.

      How much do the capes weigh?

      Our iconic Moon Rising capes are surprisingly light! The heaviest ones weigh ~1.5kg

      Do you have capes for men?

      Our capes are for ALL bodies who like to feel comfortable and empowered — brothers included. We've even had numerous couples where BOTH people wear them in their wedding ceremonies!