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Who we are

Moon Rising is an ethical fashion brand that celebrates Indigenous artisans by spreading cultural awareness through sharing their handmade creations with the world.
Based in Sacred Valley, Peru; Moon Rising aims to uplift indigenous communities through conscious co-creation and economic empowerment. The indigenous communities around the world are the keepers of ancient & earth-based wisdom that most in western societies have long forgotten. Their resilience is key for humanity to keep a sustainable balance with the earth.


To be a bridge between the modern world and ancient wisdom. Earth is transforming, and we believe in telescoping evolution: promoting human traits of truth and integrity, interweaving the past with the present and future. We aim to unify women in a global movement to encourage conscious consumerism by using sustainable, and ethically-sourced materials to create conscious fashion that makes a statement of the kind of future we want to seed for generations to come. We do this by co-creating with wisdom keepers and weavers, providing economic opportunity and support to native Peruvian communities.
We believe in a conscious, ethical business model that transforms the definition of luxury to what is created with intention, spirit, cultural value to the world, and quality.

The Weavings

This is not fast fashion-- each batch of capes that are released are dependent on the color of alpaca wool/fur that is available of the current spittoon. The unique textiles and ancient symbolisms shown in the designs of the capes are ephemeral expressions that are present in the weaver’s hearts. The stories woven into the textiles are one of the main ways the Quechuan cosmovision was kept alive throughout the Spanish invasion. They carry thousands of years of sacred cultural significance. Each design contains ancient codes for connecting to different energetic frequencies like gratitude, protection, love, abundance, and pachamama. Each piece was ritually blessed in ceremony by a native Quechua maestro for full energetic protection.⁣⁣

The Weavings

A handloom, by its very nature of being handwoven, is bound to have a rugged uneven surface giving it an ethnic appeal. A power-loom fabric will be even in texture and flawless, lacking the allure of handlooms. Artisans work arduously to weave minute details. The level of intricacy and sharpness of design cannot be matched in a power loom. It's these skilled craftswomen that we seek out to share their traditions embodied in their weavings and we are incredibly proud of supporting and sharing their woven narratives and history with the world.


Our capes are all one-of-a-kind & made of 100% ethically-sourced baby alpaca wool. ⁣“Ethically-sourced” means that zero alpacas were harmed in the process. Alpacas live in some of the coldest regions of the Andes mountains, and we source our fur exclusively from babies that die naturally from exposure to the harshness of the elements or during childbirth.⁣⁣ The symbols in our weavings are far more than just gorgeous designs ⁣⁣⁣⁣

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