Cape 339

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Yuraq Ch'umpi
This chocolate brown cape is perfectly versatile and the grey stripe adds an exclusive flare. Easily dressed up or down, you can wear this piece almost anywhere with elegance and grace.

This cape has repeating condor & Inti (the sun god) symbols.

The weavings we carry are all one-of-a-kind and made of 100% ethically-sourced baby alpaca wool. Quality is all about the fabric materials and the construction. When high-end fabrics meet excellent construction, you receive a garment that lasts longer and ages gracefully. Moon Rising is committed to offering the best quality products that are backed by a mission and purpose worth seeding into the future.

Every thread was created with intention and dedication to process. All our capes are expertly handwoven by our Andean Indigenous sisters in Peru. Your vessel deserves more than fast-fashion; when you choose textiles that will stand the test of time you’re investing in every life it comes into contact with.

Returns and exchanges for online orders without discount are accepted when the product has not been worn, altered, washed and is returned within 14 days of order. 

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